The top 10 Recommendations for MPS Buyers

In Quocirca’s recent assessment of the global MPS landscape, multi-vendor support was rated one of the top 10 recommendations to MPS buyers. This is no surprise, especially considering the uncertainty around the upcoming changes between two of the major MFP manufactures (HP and Xerox).

Costs as well as security risks when deploying multiple solutions to provide patchwork support for different device makes and models are key reasons why large organizations in particular will continue to seek solutions that support multi-vendor environments. Offering a vendor neutral solution for secure office printing is now a must.

In a recent case, a global provider of advanced space-based technology systems for national defense, civil and commercial organizations wouldn’t risk deploying different print management technology for their multi-vendor fleet of 450 devices due to potential gaps in security.

After testing many print management solutions, FollowMe® by Ringdale® was selected as the preferred choice to secure any printer or MFP.

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