Top 5 RISO Articles From 2020

RISO is a long-time sponsor of this website and the weekly What’s Happenin’ publication.

The inkjet printer manufacturer launched their fastest device yet in 2020 and that wasn’t all!

Here are the Top 5 RISO articles on our website that visitors read in 2020: 

  1. The Importance of Printing in K-12 Schools
  1. BLI Ran 1 Million Pages On The 160-PPM GD9630. Here’s What Happened.
  1. 320 Color Prints Per Minute With full VDP capability. The Future Is Here.
  1. Super High-Speed Full-Color Printing At Up To 160 PPM
  1. Low-Cost Color Printing at 90 PPM

 SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

Print Speeds at 120 Pages Per Minute in Full Color