Dealer and Partner Opportunities in Production Print During the Pandemic

By Elisha Kasinskas, RSA – When the calendar page turns at the end of 2020, or whenever a business’s fiscal year ends, few will finish in the black. For some, finishing flat will be a win, for others, within 20% of last year might be considered a moral victory.

Workflow Solutions Offer Margins, a Competitive Edge, and Higher Contract Values

Ben Parker, director of sales, RSA

Dealers that sell production print hardware and software-related solutions have an edge in these challenging times. “Offering workflow software solutions drives higher margins, more success and higher dollar sales,” said Ben Parker, director of sales for RSA. “We’ve seen production workflow opportunities throughout the pandemic and are seeing promising signs from our production print hardware partners and dealers whose production print business has improved during the last quarter of 2020.”

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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