Calling All Office Technology Dealers: Could IT Be the Key to Differentiation, Business Growth & Attracting New Talent?

By Chad Crawford, GreatAmerica – Opportunity is everywhere in the imaging industry. If you think about how it has evolved over the last few decades, and the resulting new product and service lines that have emerged, it’s really pretty remarkable. Through all of this change, office technology providers have built and maintained very strong relationships within their customer bases, earning trust and loyalty along the way. They have also become expert sellers and know how to train and develop their sales talent.

But even with bountiful opportunity, there will always be obstacles. In fact, just about every Dealer survey you’ll come across seems to reveal three consistent challenges:

  1. Differentiation through products, solutions and services
  2. Growth and profitability
  3. Attracting and retaining top sales and technical talent

So how can Dealers overcome these obstacles to drive growth?

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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