What is so Smart About the Smart Office?

Thin Mints – if I eat them, will they make me thinner?

Smart Water – if I drink it, will it make me smarter?

And if so, will a Smart Office do my work for me?

By Heather Fudger, Sharp – Obviously the above are examples of marketing genius! But sadly no, thin mints will definitely not make you thinner and Smart Water will unfortunately not make you smarter, but the Smart Office can provide you with technology to make you work more productively and efficiently.

So, what exactly is the Smart Office?

Remember in the cartoon, “The Jetson’s” when George arrives at work, his spacecraft closes into a briefcase, then he takes a conveyer into his office, right to his desk? Throughout the show, several robots and smart appliances assist him, pouring his coffee, taking his coat — and then he has a video conference with his boss. Is that what the smart office means?

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SOURCE Sharp Electronics

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