What I Learned from Don Crawley on Effective Written Business Communication

By: Lisa Rollison, GreatAmerica – Over the last eight months, technology solution providers have made drastic changes to the way they communicate with clients and prospects. Distributed workforces on both sides are relying heavily on collaboration tools and written communication to keep business running smoothly. With inboxes bursting at the seams, how can you ensure your team’s written communication cuts through the noise and achieves its intended goal? Keep reading for tips to help improve your communication skills.

Fundamentals of Business Writing with Don Crawley, IT Customer Service Speaker

I had the opportunity to sit through Don Crawley’s presentation on Fundamentals of Business Writing at IT Nation Connect, where Don highlighted 12 key points to ensure effective business written communication. Although it is safe to assume we have all been corresponding via email for what feels like forever, he outlined these helpful reminders:

  1. Use descriptive subject lines.Give your recipient(s) a relevant preview of what the message contains through short, descriptive, and captivating subject lines.

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