Vyne Replaces Fax with etherFAX

As a market leader in healthcare communication and information exchange, Vyne develops technologies that manage all types of structured and unstructured data including images, documents, voice files, and faxes. Through its centralized platform,  Vyne  Medical, hospitals and medical providers can improve financial performance, service levels, team collaboration, and patient care.  

For Vyne, providing customers with a secure, centralized database that connects disparate data is critical. Their solutions not only affect business processes, they affect people’s lives.

No Room for Failure   

As the most trusted document delivery method available today, hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, and insurance companies rely on fax to manage patient information. Despite it being their primary communications method, many healthcare organizations still leverage traditional fax infrastructure which is outdated, unreliable, and difficult to support.

Since these organizations simply cannot afford to experience any technical issues or network downtime, Vyne knew that legacy network solutions, such as those that rely on expensive telephony equipment and the PSTN, had to be replaced with a better alternative. Slow transmissions of low-resolution documents, for example, could severely affect medical diagnoses. In healthcare, there is no room for failure.

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