Top 5 etherFAX Articles From 2020

etherFAX was a new sponsor of Industry Analysts in 2020 and the weekly What’s Happenin’ publication and we learned quite a bit about them.

With a newly refreshed website, compliance and certifications for secure document delivery and integrations with a wide variety of commonly used applications, etherFAX provides imaging dealers with a powerful fax software opportunity.

According to their new website, etherFAX is “a team of ambitious, hard working, passionate professionals who are redefining the way small businesses and enterprise organizations send secure, high-quality digital communications.”

Here are the Top 5 etherFAX articles on our website that visitors read in 2020: 

  1. etherFAX Announces A New Partnership With Lexmark
  1. What Technology Company’s Numbers Are Up During COVID? Why Dealers Are Taking A Look At etherFax
  1. We are Building the Largest Fax Network with Enterprise Fax Server Software
  1. LexisNexis Risk Solutions Teams With etherFAX To Help National Center For Missing & Exploited Children
  1. Eliminate Fax Boards, Media Gateways And Other Telephony Infrastructure

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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