MFPs are Ground Zero When It Comes to Workflow Security

MFPs are ground zero when it comes to workflow security. MyQ, as a print management solution, is focused on balancing data privacy within a company network with the users’ own right to print securely

Administrators have the difficult task of securing the print server, company data, and network communication against a range of external and internal threats, that’s why MyQ Solution was designed to make setup and management of secure printing solutions much easier. MyQ also provides extensive security options for the MyQ Server, comprehensive network encryption, and clear protocol policies.

MyQ features meet all three competing demands: legislation protecting the individual’s privacy, the system administrator’s task to protect the network, and company management that needs to reduce costs and protect commercial secrets. The variable security and privacy needs within each company demonstrate the importance of a print management solution which can be easily fine-tuned. With MyQ, you have a secure choice.

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Secure Print from MyQ: Protection Beyond Printing