Y Soft Ventures Employee Equity Handbook: Helping Czech Entrepreneurs Start Employee Equity Programs

The Employee Equity Handbook guides Czech entrepreneurs in creating an employee stock allocation program.

Lukáš Konečný, Y Soft Ventures – Few things are more emblematic of a startup culture than employee stock ownership. The opportunity for employees to obtain a small stake in the company, allowing them to reap a part of the value they help to create, is a key piece of startup DNA.

Basically, it is considered a necessity for US-based startups, yet still an enormous challenge for most European startups due to complex and less favorable legal and tax frameworks. Add a lack of experience with setting up and running such a program, and the result is that significantly fewer European startups offer their employees the chance to become shareholders. And, if they do offer a program, they reserve a smaller share for their employees than their American counterparts.

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