Augment, Automate, and Extend Key Workflows

By Ken Stewart, PSIGEN – PSIcapture 7.2 includes Box, QuickBooks, and Dynamics GP Migrations.

Automating your data migration is an important part of working the way you want. Not surprisingly, migrations are an often-requested feature. That’s why PSIGEN offers numerous migrations included in PSIcapture without the extra fees.

We’ve updated and added several migrations to PSIcapture, including: Box, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Intuit QuickBooks Desktop, and Laserfiche. With this release, PSIcapture continues to extend your ability to migrate beyond conventional content management systems into primary line of business applications.

Box Migration

This migration allows Box customers to leverage the power of PSIcapture to automate content creation in the Box platform directly. The migration pairs nicely with its counterpart migration template. You can use this template when creating a new capture profile to speed up your implementations.

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