With over a million pageviews from over 280,000 website visitors in 2022, here are the top three stories on industryanalysts.com for CEO Juice this year:

  1. Sharp Dealer One of Four with Perfect NPS in 2021
  2. CEO Juice Announces the Winners of the Net Promoter Score Awards for 2021!
  3. CEO Juice Names Top 10% of Office Equipment Dealers Based on Customer Ratings

About CEO Juice

CEO Juice is a team of Industry Specific people who have all spent considerable time in the copier Industry and using eAutomate. Yes you could hire your own eAuto expert, who also happened to be a data base administrator. Then send that person off to as many training classes as possible, have them attend lots of industry events to understand how other dealers do things, then have them build and validate your reports and eAuto data. Plus hope they don’t leave you.

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