Built on a Foundation of Sustainability and Providing Environmental Options for the Imaging Industry for 25 Years

A Business Built Around Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of Clover’s core values. We strive to engage and educate our employees, demand quality and performance in our production, and seek newer and better alternatives every day for minimizing our environmental footprint.

Clover’s Sustainability Initiatives Include:

  • Minimize our carbon impact
  • Prioritize remanufacturing, reclaim as much reusable material as possible
  • Maximize recapture of raw materials in collections
  • Measure impact of water and energy consumption and minimization of waste
  • Promote waste reduction throughout our operations
  • End-of-life processing for all assets collected that cannot be remanufactured
  • Recycle our cardboard, mixed paper and metals when possible
  • Exceed global industry practices for responsible materials recycling

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