uniFLOW Online Print & Scan App

Submitting mobile print jobs and accessing personal activity reports via Android and Apple phones is easy with the uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app.

Users can simply install the app, authenticate and log in quickly via QR code. The app allows login details to be retained so users do not need to log in every time they open it. Each user can easily self-register his mobile device from their uniFLOW Online account.

There are multiple ways to submit print jobs quickly and easily. From within the app ‘File upload’ and ‘Take a picture’ are covered.: File upload allows a user to simply browse and find the file they want to print and upload it. Taking a picture allows the use of the smartphone camera to photograph a document and submit it for print. The correct distortion function detects the edges of a document, flattening out any trapezoid effect to ensure it is perfectly cropped.

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