How Can Offering A Variety of Billing Options and Solutions Help Office Technology Dealers Differentiate?

By Kim Louden, GreatAmerica – Regardless of how you go to market, you actually have a lot of flexibility in how you bill for the equipment, services, and supplies you sell. As a provider, it’s important you can do so in a way that protects your margins, but also keeps the needs of your customer in mind. Giving your customer the option to consume your products and services in a way that works with their budgets, habits, and accounting processes can really set you apart from the competition.

Today we will talk about a few of the more widely discussed billing options and solutions we see dealers implementing as they administer MPS contracts: Flat Rate Billing, Bundled Billing, and Usage Billing. While each of these options have unique flavors, we’ll evaluate the high level differences in these approaches. Read on for a breakdown of each, as well as some considerations you can make to determine which options you should present to your customers.

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