Calling All Office Technology Providers! Enhance Your Customer Retention Strategy with These 5 Focus Areas

By Key Kain, GreatAmerica – You’ve worked hard to earn the trust and business of your customers through great service and proactive conversations about the useful life of their technology. But the current economic climate has caused many consumers to pull back. That’s why a proactive customer retention strategy is increasingly important. Even if you’ve tried to do everything you can to set your customers up for success, times of uncertainty can result in scenarios that can impact your business. Your customers may be hesitant to upgrade their solution, or they may even be tempted to move to the competition for a lower-cost alternative. If you don’t have measures in place to keep them satisfied, your valued customer relationships and business are at risk.

What can you do about it? One best practice is to take a step back from time to time and evaluate if your team is doing everything to retain your valued customers. Below we outline five areas to focus on as you examine your business practices and how you are approaching your customer relationships.

  1. Operating with Integrity

There’s no doubt your goal is to operate with integrity, but how do you hold your entire organization accountable to this goal? Has your office equipment business developed and consistently communicated standards and expectations around how employees treat customers?

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