Hottest Reads from the DocuWare Team

By Joan Honig, DocuWare – In addition to traditional holiday and winter activities, many DocuWare team members will be catching up on their reading, listening to podcasts and browsing LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ve asked them about their favorites and hope you enjoy this curated list of their top picks. Here’s a look at what’s keeping members of the DocuWare team informed and entertained this year.

Catherina Schneider-Nissen, Compliance Manager
I subscribe to the World Economic Forum (WEF) posts on LinkedIn or Instagram. WEF features all kinds of stories from all over the world about new technologies, political initiatives, the influence of COVID-19, culture, climate change…Usually as video posts, but also statistics, pictures or short text. What I like best is the presentation of initiatives of people/companies/countries who try to improve their environment, e.g. a post about India recycling old plastic bottles as pavement for roads. Those stories are inspiring in times when you mainly read about the negative influences of climate change and old technologies and very seldom about what is being done to improve our situation.

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