MyQ’s Security Journey with Mainstream Technologies

Take on a revealing journey into the world of digital security with your guides Michal from MyQ and Michael from Mainstream Technologies. You’ll hear about Microsoft’s print nightmare, how companies’ security is breached, and how MyQ’s protection was tested.

Michael will give you various examples of security penetrations from based on his rich experience. For example, did you know penetrating your system might be relatively easy and is often possible due to users’ weak login credentials?

To be sure the gate to your data and servers is properly locked, you should test it and run digital checks. That’s what MyQ did and asked Mainstream Technologies to perform various tests to see how well safeguarded MyQ products are. Click PLAY and see how MyQ did, how the development process of MyQ’s security works, and find out some practical information on which tools to implement, which to disable and that securing your backups is a very good idea.

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