Attention! Exit to Relevancy Ahead.

By Ray Stasieczko, BEI – “Constant Relevance is the ability to leave the highway of what it is, and merge onto the highway of what it should be.”

As you travel from one year to the next, you have choices on how you travel. Some will travel back in time, or participate in what I call Memory Travel, some will travel to the future participating in Vision Travel, and the rest will continue cruising along in Status Quo Travel.

Of these three ways of traveling the most dangerous is cruising along in Status Quo. Status quo travelers have either refused to merge onto the road to the future or pulled over to rest on the road of the past. These status quo travelers viewed the map of the Vision Traveler and worried they might get stuck in construction traffic, they feared there might not be enough rest stops, or they might miss the detour signs and get lost. These Status quo travelers then looked at the map of the Memory Traveler, and their memories scared them. Memories of traveling through all the construction zones, they remembered the detours, the unpredictable traffic, the signs blinking slow down fines are double, the lack of rest stops, and the selfishness of the drivers who refused to let them merge into the only open lane.

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