Sharp to Take Part in CES 2019, First Time in 4 Years

By Andy Slawetsky – More impact from the Foxconn acquisition? Sharp is back at CES after a four year hiatus. With a much larger portfolio and the largest electronics company in the world backing them, Sharp is looking to take CES 2019 by storm. Here’s the press release:

TOKYO, Dec 18, 2018 – (JCN Newswire) – Sharp will take part in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. To be held from January 8-11, 2019, CES is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows. Sharp will have a booth in the Central Hall, marking the first time in four years since Sharp set up a full-scale exhibit at CES.

Sharp LogoBased on its business vision of “Changing the World with 8K and AIoT,” Sharp will equip its booth with four areas dedicated to 8K, AIoT(1), home, and business. Visitors will experience firsthand an “8K Ecosystem” built upon 8K-related equipment, devices, and solutions and “AIoT Solutions” driven by AIoT home appliances, robotics, sensors, and other devices. Moreover, they will be provided with home and B2B scenarios in which to try out the state-of-the-art devices and solutions that have made Sharp an industry leader.

Sharp’s incorporation of its pioneering 8K technology into an 8K Ecosystem and AIoT Solutions, like the COCORO+ service, have thus far focused on the Japanese market. From here on, Sharp is expanding and accelerating this development on a global scale.

Location of Sharp Booth
16006, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center (Nevada, USA)

(1) AIoT: A word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things). AIoT is a vision of how all kinds of products will connect to artificial intelligence via the cloud and become a people-oriented existence. AIoT is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

About Sharp Corporation

Sharp Corporation (TSE: 6753) is a worldwide developer of innovative products and core technologies that play a key role in shaping the future of electronics. As a leader in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and digital technologies, Sharp offers one of the broadest and most advanced lines of consumer electronics, information products and electronic components, while also creating new network businesses. For more information, please visit

Source: Sharp Corporation

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