January Sales Management Skills Class in Tampa!

The Pros Elite Group will conduct its Industry first Sales Managers training designed to react to post pandemic industry changes and Sales Management skills. The class will take place in Tampa Florida, on January 24, 25, and 26. Our first class, in October, using the new Sales Management technologies to support critical skills such as Virtual Management, Social recruiting, and automated Sales territory design and growth planning was sold out in one day.

Our three-day program allows our participants to interface with each other in workgroups to expand the dialogue from sessions on topics such as conducting productive one on ones, planning and executing the new Prospecting “Cycle of Success” and using 21st century Time Management to achieve your Growth Expectations.

This course is the only Sales Management training that focuses to leading the Sales Force to transition to Managed Network Services using the Pros Elite model for Successful / Profitable MNS engagements.

Finally, the course will provide the participant with the knowledge of managing the financial and productivity sales benchmarks and exploring the latest and most successful compensation practices that are driving post pandemic success. For more information, contact Steve Rolla at the Pros Elite Group at Steve.Rolla@ProsEliteGroup.com or 410-446-3032. Want to Register to attend?

Go to https://live.vcita.com/site/proselitegroup/online-scheduling?event=6swzdzls84i07736

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