7 Keys to Digital Sales & Marketing Success

By Katie Lanpher, GreatAmerica – If there was any lingering doubt about the evolution of the modern buyer, 2020 has certainly given us evidence that the idea of the digital buyer is no fad. Consumers continue to demand content and experiences that educate and empower them along their journey to do business with us. That means we’ve got to make sure we stay in tune to these needs, and adapt our digital sales and marketing strategy to be in lockstep.

I had the opportunity to attend Digital Sales & Marketing World last week, an online event hosted by IMPACT, a digital sales and marketing agency. Keynote speaker, Marcus Sheridan shared some insight on what leads to digital sales and marketing success and what leads to failure. Following are seven attributes of companies that have evolved their perspective of sales and marketing to best serve their customers.

  1. They are Completely Tuned into the Changing Buyer.

Organizations that understand how to be successful in digital sales and marketing are rooted in the changing needs of today’s buyer.

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