Sharp Canada Selects ELATEC RFID Readers for its Touchless Secure Print Solutions

Contactless RFID Card and Mobile Device Readers in Demand for Secure Identity Authentication and a Healthier Office

Mississauga, Ontario. (December 14, 2020) – Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Japan’s Sharp Corporation, is pleased to announce a technology partnership with ELATEC Inc. of Palm City, Florida, to provide radio frequency identification and mobile device readers as a core component of Sharp’s touchless secure print solutions offerings.

High-touch surfaces such as door entrances, vending machines and multifunction printers can be vectors for spreading infections such as the COVID-19 virus. According to the CDC, viruses can live on surfaces for hours to days. As conscientious organizations anticipate the workforce return to their office environments, solutions to mitigate such threats are in demand.

One component of such solutions is the contactless RFID reader. Among their many and varied uses, on Sharp multifunction printers, RFID readers enable users to release their print jobs without the need to touch a keypad or a display screen to enter their required password or personal identification number. Instead, the user simply presents their RFID card or smartphone for print release.

“Not only is the use of contactless RFID hygienic, but it provides users with the valued convenience of not having to enter a password or PIN every time they need to print,” said Paul Massey, CEO of ELATEC Inc. “And it provides Sharp customers with an additional element of security as passwords and PINs are often shared or could be hacked, leading to potential data security breaches.”

“As our customers assess their return to the office once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, they want to ensure they do so with increased employee productivity and personal safety,” said Christina LeBlanc, Manager, Tech Wizards of Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. “Our touchless multifunction printer solutions are another example of the simply smarter experiences for our customers that are the hallmarks of Sharp business products.”

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ELATEC specializes in advanced, contactless user authentication and access control solutions. The company is an international leader in multi-frequency/multi-standard RFID / NFC / BLE readers. The company was founded in 1988 and currently has seventeen locations worldwide. ELATEC Inc’s headquarters are in Palm City, Florida and ELATEC GmbH’s headquarters are in Munich, Germany.  Visit our website at

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