Konica Minolta Comments on Trends and Predictions in Label Market 2019

The label sector continues to be a growing market and was forecast by Smithers Pira to be worth a total of $36.98 billion in 2017. This same source also predicts that growth will continue at an average rate of 4.1% per year up to 2022, making labels a $45.22 billion market by then.

Together the two digital printing techniques of electrophotography and inkjet accounted for 28% of label production by value globally in 2017, although this equated to just 11% of the volume of labels produced, illustrating that the inherent nature of digital print brings distinct advantages for added-value label printing.

Trends in the market are for shorter runs, shorter turnaround times and the rise of mass customization, and at Konica Minolta we see these continuing to shape the labels market going forward.

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Konica Minolta Comments on Trends and Predictions in Commercial Print for 2019