By Howie Fenton, Rochester Software Associates: This is the third blog in a series about proactively responding to dramatic changes in the industry. In the previous two blogs, we discussed the impact of: the pandemic, staff working from home, supply change issues, and recruiting issues. Although some in-plants have been minimally impacted, others have been surprised at the speed and depth of the latest changes. The first two blogs discuss how to analyze your situation and identify and acquire the resources required. In this final blog in the series, we will discuss how to “get there”- deliver on your strategy to respond to changes- by achieving the goal of implementing potential changes to improve your sales, marketing, or operations.

The “Failed Implementation Closet” 

One of the most shocking discoveries as a consultant is finding the “failed implementation closet.” Based on the name, you can probably guess that the contents are failed productivity initiatives, quality programs, or new software implementations (Web to Print, Print MIS, Prepress software). These closets are where failed implementations go to die. Every year I visit at least 1 or 2 companies with these closets and I am even more surprised that they are still paying for the maintenance contract.

The first question to consider in this process is….

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