Secure Cloud Printing for a Hybrid Workforce

By Hyder_Mohammed, Y Soft – With more and more people working from home, businesses need to provide secure printing capabilities for both at-home and the in-office workers. It is no longer predictable where workers will be when they need to print documents and it’s key to be able to support the hybrid workforce with secure printing.

With the Universal Print service in Microsoft 365 and YSoft OMNI Series™, the user can be anywhere and securely print to any existing printer from a zero trust network – whether that printer is at home or in the office.

YSoft OMNI Series primer

Because it will take time for Universal Print-compatible printers to hit the market in mass, businesses need a way to take advantage of Universal Print on existing printers. That is where OMNI Series comes in. YSoft OMNI Bridge pulls print jobs from the Universal Print service within the Microsoft 365 cloud and delivers it to the printer. One OMNI Bridge can support up to 25 printers.

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Y Soft and Google Announced That the SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension is Chrome Enterprise Recommended.