What Technology Company’s Numbers Are Up During COVID? Why Dealers Are Taking A Look At etherFax

Printer sales are down almost across the board during the last 6 months and many of the technology companies in the imaging space have had to resort to reporting COVID numbers to explain the drastic downturn.

Then there is etherFax, who has been having a very strong year due to the uptick in need for their software. Companies are STILL using fax technology and as many are scrambling to send and now keep people working remotely, this happens to be an excellent opportunity for dealers and resellers to help their customers.

Watch as Industry Analysts’ Andy Slawetsky chats with etherFax founder and CEO Paul Banco about this unique technology.

etherFax is embedded in many Lexmark printers, making it an easy and very useful follow up sale or add-on, particularly for Healthcare where etherFax technology was recently directly responsible for an additional 600 printer/MFP unit sale with a customer. This sale came after an initial smaller sale that provided exposure to the etherFax technology.

This video is part of an ongoing series of What’s Happenin’ in Person (WHIP) interviews that can be found on industryanalysts.com and on this YouTube channel (IATV).

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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