Difficult Year Marked By Cancellations – Article By Sam Stone, SOE

This article appears on ENXmag.com

In the year where we learned so much

We learned all about new, overly used terms, like:

  • Pivot
  • New Norm
  • Difficult Times
  • Uncertain Times
  • Trying Times

We still wanted to offer excellent customer service while protecting our employees and customers. Trying times is an understatement, to say the least.

We also witnessed voices being raised to bring attention to social injustice while watching protests and demonstrations in Richmond, as with other cities around the nation.

Difficult Year Marked By Cancellations

We began 2020, preparing for the celebration of our 50th Anniversary. With one trade show under our belt and a few more to go, we were on our way for a year marked with lots of cool parties and customer interaction; however, March 12th changed everything.

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