The Expenses of Mobile Printing Apps

When presenting Presto to the head of IT for a University and I stumbled on a very important selling point I previously took for granted.

We extoll the server side capability of Presto Enterprise and that it supports “Native” printing.  However, what I stumbled upon as a major selling point for Presto is that “Native Printing” also equals “No Client Side Configuration”.

The IT department was evaluating other solutions that required some element of Client Side Configuration.  With 8000+ students this equals the potential for 8000+ instances of individual configuration help the IT department may need to provide.

IT Admin:

  • No “Client Side” configuration for iOS/Chrome OS.
  • Completely a software solution.  No hardware, no downtime.
  • Remote set-up, configuration, and deployment capable.
  • UnicastDNS, no “mDNS” chatter.
  • Location Based Discovery of Printer. Granular control of advertising printers per DHCP Scope.
  • Additional layers of Authentication and Authorization are possible.
  • No structural changes are made to infrastructure.  Only new NS and A records are added to DNS. Scopes added to DHCP.
  • Presto is very cost effective at less than $1/day per server. A single install can potentially serve thousands of client (mobile) devices

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