The latest release of uniFLOW Online focuses on simplifying filing and indexing scanned documents which contain barcodes.

Barcodes serve many purposes in daily processes as they contain valuable information e.g., an article number, invoice number, customer name, date, supplier information etc. In other words, barcodes are essential to optimize document processes and archiving.

uniFLOW Online has supported barcode scanning and its data extraction for quite a while. New developments make it more versatile by offering the extraction of specific data only. Previously it was only possible to utilize the entire barcode information at once; now, specific information contained in the barcode can be extracted, significantly improving a business’s document workflow, to make filing and indexing of documents simple, precise, and reliable in one step.

Extracted values can be used to automatically create folder/file names and to fill SharePoint Online or Therefore™ Online metadata fields available in SharePoint Online or Therefore™ Online.

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Source: NT – Ware