Are you ready to turn over a new LEAF? LEAF Identity Credentials offer a new level of interoperability and compatibility in access control and identity management. The new identity standard makes implementing access solutions easier than ever.

What Is the LEAF Standard for Access Control and Identity Management?

LEAF is a new standard for identity credentials, providing an alternative to well-known platforms such as LEGIC or HID. Unlike these technologies, LEAF is an open platform created to support interoperability within the access control market. That means end-users would be able to use their LEAF ID card, keyfob or smartphone to unlock access via any LEAF-enabled reader. And because the LEAF standard is backward-adoptable with suitable existing reader hardware, moving to LEAF is easy and cost-effective for system operators and manufacturers.

The LEAF Standard was conceived by DSP and cryptographic engineer Hugo Wendling and has been carried forward by the LEAF Consortium. The consortium consists of industry partners (including ELATEC) representing hardware manufacturers, software developers and identity media manufacturers. The standard is based on MIFARE DESFire® EV2, which supports advanced security features within an open multi-application architecture. For added security, a LEAF Custom Cryptographic (Cc) key can be set by the end user so that only authorized devices that have been loaded with the key can read the encrypted media.

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