Inspiring Example- How a Shop Benefits from Continually Adding Workflow Software

Need an example shop to show customers and prospects the impact of adding and using workflow software? Look no further.

Watch as one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas discusses how their in-plant print center has handled 400% volume growth by progressing and expanding their workflow software. Using RSA’s software, they’ve automated 90% of their work. The wide format sign shop has addressed 80% growth and is growing even more after adding WebCRD Web to print for online ordering.

Our two-minute highlight video and full 48-minute session video show how the shop started with Web to print and has been adding more of RSA’s solutions to automate workflow and improve efficiency. Each solution’s role and benefits are discussed.

Contact your RSA BDM to learn more about how you can guide your customers and prospects with workflow efficiencies to grow their shop.  

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