Luke Goldberg talks Seat Based Billing with West McDonald in this fireside chat last November

With the cool air of Autumn upon us it’s hard not to reflect on times gone by and to ponder on things yet to be.

In the latest installment of the Print Management Insider’s Fireside Chat interviews, we meet up with Luke Goldberg, Global SVP Sales & Marketing for Clover Imaging Group.

His career in the imaging industry has spanned over 25 years. I have personally known Luke for over a decade from his days at Future Graphics.

He was a powerhouse of change then and was bold and vatic enough to make MPS (Managed Print Services) a reality in the aftermarket supplies industry.

Currently, Luke is building the future of Clover Imaging Group and I had the chance to sit down and talk about his thoughts on where our industry is headed.

So grab a seat by the fire and get comfortable as Luke and I discuss the history of Managed Print and the future of our industry.

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