Collaboration with Canon Solutions America, Powered by uniFLOW Implementation, Reshapes School District’s Operational Effectiveness

Canon Solutions America Advances Grand Prairie Independent School District’s Efficiency

November 25, 2019 – When Grand Prairie Independent School District (GPISD), a diverse educational entity situated between the bustling cities of Dallas and Arlington, Texas, was searching for a solution to effectively manage its document, scanning, and printing services, the governing body was confident in Canon Solutions America’s ability to solve the equation. The district, with a student body of roughly 30,000 students and 3,500 staff members, sought the capabilities of a secure printing and scanning solutions system, while also the capacity to control budgets in a meaningful workflow.

With its thriving, long-term association with Canon Solutions America, the district has done just that.

GPISD remains ahead of the technology curve in its pursuit to enhance operative workflows while maintaining a keen focus on educating, innovating, and graduating its students. The district has leveraged Canon Solutions America’s expertise, utilizing two on-campus print shops, more than 350 MFPs and roughly 100 scanners across its 41 buildings. Its diverse fleet includes a full allotment of Canon Solutions America products and services, including large format devices, imageCLASS printers and production units as well as PRISMA and uniFLOW software solutions.

During a GPISD Board of Trustees meeting on October 17, it was announced that the district had reduced its annual usage by nearly 33 million sheets of paper due to its relationship with Canon Solutions America.

Under Canon Solutions America’s guidance, GPISD shifted a bulk of its print work—including mailers, brochures, and signage—in-house, where the labor is generally completed by students. Employing secure scanning as well as document and print management, GPISD has protected student record requests by reducing the number of individuals handling documents and improving accuracy of the information being stored. In addition, printing costs have decreased dramatically by setting monthly budgets for end users and eliminating waste.

“The Canon Solutions America relationship means security,” said Dianna Drew, Executive Director of Infrastructure and Document Services, GPISD. “Not just from the ‘Is your data secure?’ standpoint, but security knowing that Canon Solutions America listens and has a vested interest in the success of the program. We know that they care that we are successful. This is a nice feeling to have when so many services rely on the system.”

In particular, Canon Solutions America’s implementation of uniFLOW technology, the flagship print management software that allows users to capture, process, and distribute documents around personalized workflows, has shaved an estimated 10 hours per week off the campus technology staff’s workload. By leveraging uniFLOW with products from Laserfiche, a leading provider of intelligent content management and business process automation, the team designed and implemented new workflows built around student records, spending processes, and an upgraded Human Resources procedure for onboarding teachers, which is expected to help save the district significant costs, according to GPISD.

“GPISD fully understands the importance of print efficiency and security in relation to the success of a school district,” said Peter Kowalczuk, President of Canon Solutions America. “We’ve built on our incredible relationship with GPISD, teaming up with the district to provide them invaluable workflow management and security solutions, to help keep administrators’ focus on the students.”

SOURCE Canon Solutions America

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