We Need Continuous Relevancy Management; Change Management comes too late

By Ray Stasieczko, BEI – “Attention Legacy Companies! While you continuously fight to get buy-in for change your new competitor bought in for continuous improvement and bets on your complacency.”

What do you mean you can’t get buy-in. Why are management teams so focused on the pacification of Buy-in Management? Too many organizations are losing the battle of their relevancy because they insist on focusing on Change Management over Relevancy Management. And yes I believe there is a difference.

It seems that the arguments for moving in a different direction always relate to Buy-in for so many legacy organizations. In the world of business today the winners will be those who can move fast, those whose teams understand it’s not about change, it’s about constant relevancy. Think about Amazon, a company that started out selling books online; they are now a 150 Billion Dollar organization selling everything under the sun including the clouds, with a market cap which eclipses each of the top ten retailers north of 100 billion making their owner, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world. If Amazon”s leadership constantly worried about “Change Management” does anyone believe they would be building their second Headquarters, a headquarters where the chosen city benefits from a 5 Billion Dollar Boom?

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The Walking Dead, A Zombie, called Status Quo