Fine-tune Your Office Equipment Contracts with Flexible Payment Structures

By April Neal, GreatAmerica – There is a chance to deliver exceptional customer service through every single customer interaction. As an office equipment dealer, you do this each time you supply your customers with high quality office technology equipment and top-notch maintenance services. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find even more opportunity to deliver a “wow-level” customer experience through the seemingly smaller touchpoints you have with them.

Consider how the simple act of offering a flexible payment structure may benefit your customer. The billing experts at GreatAmerica make it simple to setup any kind of payment structure your customer might need. By utilizing our back office services, you can customize the billing experience your customers have with you, save time, and reduce overall errors. A properly thought-out payment structure can go a long way toward keeping your customers happy and paying on time. 

How Does Your Customer Prefer Their Invoice Be Delivered?

Each of your customers are different. Some prefer to operate electronically. Others may opt for a more traditional approach, receiving a hard copy invoice via snail mail. Some may even want to access both a digital and hard copy invoice for their records. If your customer has multiple contracts, do they prefer each invoice be delivered to the same address at the same time?  Regardless of their preference, the fact that you are providing them with a choice will not go unnoticed.

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