Elatec Begins Manufacturing In US

Elatec, one of the premier RFID manufacturers produces a variety of RFID technology in their Puchheim facilities

Not far from the Oktoberfest halls of Munich, the German company operates in dozens of countries around the world, including a US headquarters located in Florida.

While the COVID-19 virus has been disruptive, it hasn’t slowed Elatec’s plans, which included the opening of a new facility in Palm City where they are now manufacturing RFID Card Readers.

ELATEC Inc. CEO Paul Massey and Business Operations Manager Yecica Gonzalez have led the efforts to open the new production line.

“Producing readers in the US enables us to provide additional flexibility and increase our overall value to our customers,” said Paul. “And being closer to customers in the Americas shortens delivery and further enhances our responsiveness.”

Off to a great start with its launch, Elatec expects to double their US production capabilities by early 2021. Until now, ELATEC readers were produced solely in Germany.

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