Empowering the Art of Going Green

Toshiba’s portfolio of ecofriendly solutions can help you meet your sustainability objectives while increasing efficiency and reducing business costs.

More Advances In Printing Solutions

Our waste-reducing print software solutions let you manage printing across your entire fleet and improve print efficiency with solutions like secure print release, where pages are “released” by end-user authentication, reducing waste by eliminating abandoned print pile up, saving both paper and toner. We offer an energy manager application that controls and manages the energy settings on your entire fleet of printers as well as PCs and servers. In addition, it optimizes energy consumption during non-peak hours to take full advantage of energy savings

The Smaller the Footprint, The Larger the Savings

While others may be talking green, at Toshiba, we’ve been busy developing programs to help businesses like yours reduce, reuse and recycle. Whether it’s turning used toner cartridges into park benches or manufacturing the world’s first Eco MFP, Toshiba is an environmental leader. We have the tools and know-how to help you meet your eco-friendly objectives. And it’s easy to get started. Our experts will perform a free analysis of your organization’s environmental footprint and then provide solutions that will help you increase your green efficiency while saving money.

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