Why Businesses Should Still Care about GDPR

By Alex Morgan, PaperCut: From time to time we publish guest posts about topics that are important to us. This is one of those times. GDPR is a vital data protection law that protects those in the European Union. While the views of guest posts are not always directly aligned with PaperCut’s, we believe it’s important to share information on important topics. Editor.

Faced with the global pandemic, the vast majority of businesses switched to remote labor, at least partially. The pandemic has also emphasized the importance of greater data protection. There are several security threats connected with using contemporary technology for remote work.

Unfortunately, workers are frequently unaware of the significance of data security. Furthermore, suitable methods for protecting personal data are lacking. Organizations often avoid investing in security and ignore personal data protection due to real concerns about financial liquidity.

However, it is more vital than ever to follow data protection regulations. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Remote work comes with data privacy issues

In a remote work setting, personal data is much more vulnerable to breaches.

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