How Local Knowledge Matters in an Increasingly Global World

The tremendous impact globalization has on the way we work and interact with the world around us is undeniable. Modern technology allows us to connect with people across different time zones and purchase goods and services with a few swipes and taps of our smart devices. Moreover, as I alluded to previously, remote working is to remain a core part of the way businesses operate going forward.

We have seen the “servitization” of economies, and consumer behaviors are quickly changing and evolving as eCommerce continues to grow at a breathtaking pace. However, given the ferocious rate of technological advancement, it can be all too easy to be swept away by the energy and excitement while overlooking what we have right at our doorstep: our communities, our regular customers – the lifeblood of everyday business. If this global pandemic has thought us anything, it’s the importance of local knowledge and the value of personal interactions.

To be successful globally, you must first be strong locally. Local knowledge, expertise and strong business relationships are the foundation upon which a strong business is built. In times of uncertainty, like we are going through at present, following the mantra of “Think globally, act locally” will prove to be a sound strategy for sustainable growth. 

Every region and market has its own unique intricacies, and the insights provided by a local presence, be it from our own experts on the ground, our dealers or partners, are absolutely essential. This information allows us to continue to move from a “customer satisfaction” focus towards a more “customer experience” approach.

At Kyocera, we greatly value the importance of being close to our customers, to really understand their pains. This is the only way to deliver the solutions that customers truly need to drive their business forward.

We are very fortunate to work alongside some of the best dealers in the business; their dedication and professionalism has rightly earned them recognition from customers as trusted advisors. That trust is, quite simply, priceless, and the importance of local, valued partners will become increasingly evident in the coming years.

With the volume of eCommerce transactions continuing to soar during Covid-19 and beyond, so too will our competition. The wave of new software solutions and printing devices will overwhelm many users browsing online, but with the knowledge and expertise on the ground, customers are able to clearly understand and choose the best option for their business. This know-how is what sets our dealers apart and we are confident that, together, our customer-centric approach will prove to be a winning formula in the long-run.  

Naturally, there will be many customers who will, out of convenience, prefer to purchase their printing devices online and we must provide them with the best platform to do so. Others will prefer to consult the expertise of our dealers before buying online or choosing an upgrade package.

Once again, striking the balance between people and technology will be key; we must be able to satisfy both online (transactional) and offline (value-added) demands, while finding ways to make them complementary. This will be fundamental to building a positive customer experience.

In the digital age, we need to be more agile and flexible than ever. We must give our customers reasons to buy our products, rather than giving them excuses not to. Every interaction should yield useful takeaways for both parties; we want to understand our customers better and we want them to clearly understand how Kyocera solutions can make their business better. The local knowledge acquired from our dealers allows us to consistently deliver the latest technology with a human touch. 

At Kyocera, we take immense pride from the personal relationships we have built over the years in every corner of the country. Growing alongside those who use our devices and services is what motivates us to be even better at what we do every single day.

When it comes to an organization-wide transformation, such as the one we are undertaking at present, capturing the “Voice of the Customer” is a must and their opinions and assessments help us make better-informed decisions. We have a clear strategy, but local feedback is what helps guide us along the right path.

That constant feedback is what keeps us focused; we are not afraid to change something that is not working. In an age where personalization is gaining increasing importance, we are fully aware that a “one size fits all” approach is no longer viable, especially in a market the size of the United States.

There will always be new technology, but that human touch is part of an organization’s DNA. You cannot buy trust.

We have great people on the ground, fantastic professionals who do Kyocera proud with each customer interaction. By going that extra mile time and time again, we will not only become stronger locally, we will continue to become a stronger organization as a whole.

In isolation, each individual thread of local knowledge may not appear remarkable but, when woven together, they help form the fabric of a winning organization.

In an increasingly digital and globalized world, I am confident that the balance we have struck between the human touch and cutting-edge technology is what will set Kyocera apart going forward.

Óscar Sánchez
President & CEO
KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc.

SOURCE Kyocera

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