Celebrate by Giving – ACDI Blog

As we head into the holiday season, we reflect on a year that called for a bit more fortitude. The series of events in 2020 moved us to tears, humbled our hearts, wrecked our confidence, shattered illusions, adjusted our priorities, and evolved us as humans. We are not the same.

We cannot un-hear, un-see, or un-feel the rollercoaster of emotions that we have all experienced together. But that’s the big take away here, we are getting through it together, even though together is not a place we can be right now.

At ACDI, we do holiday in style. As an organization, we have employees in many corners of the world. We usually call all of our children back to the mothership for a feast during Thanksgiving or Christmas. We sit around and eat and laugh and tell stories that everyone has heard a million times; You know the ones.  Your organization has them too, and they always bring nostalgia to the air. These events at HQ never fail to replenish our near-empty energy stores. Then we go back into business with the last little burst of motivation we need to finish out the year.

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