3 Real-World Examples of PSIcapture for Business Process Outsourcing


bpoBusiness Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a growing industry in the document management space. When companies decide to convert their paper records and processes to digital format, outsourcing is often a viable option that allows them to have all the benefits of digital document management without the burden of taking on the task themselves. Outsourcing also allows an organization to turn the work over to a company with significant expertise in document management.

If you run a document management BPO organization, also known as a Document Service Bureau, you know how complex these jobs can be. Every industry has its own form and document types, not to mention regulations and compliance procedures that must be upheld. Within these industries, individual companies also have their own document types and goals for their document management projects. Taking on new clients and projects as a BPO company can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, PSIcapture was created with this very industry in mind. Here are 3 examples of how BPO organizations have used PSIcapture to help meet the needs of their customers:

1) Automatic Indexing & Customizable Output

Stria is a nationwide provider of document lifecycle services dedicated to converting companies’ documents into digital assets. They process more than 2 million pages per week and require a capture process that allows for complex scanning and indexing, as well as the ability to handle documents in many formats and publish to various document management systems.

With PSIcapture’s automation features, more than 90% of Stria’s documents are automatically indexed. They utilize many of PSIcapture’s features, including Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) for automated indexing and Classification to identify and separate documents.

PSIcapture has allowed Stria to service their diverse customer base, which includes industries such as government, legal, financial services and healthcare. Stria takes advantage of the unlimited licensing model, which allows them to run multiple unlimited scan stations without impacting their profitability.

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2) Increased Throughput & Simplified Indexing

Underground Vaults & Storage (UV&S) took on a project for a pediatric clinic in Kentucky with the goal of creating a secure medical records management portal. UV&S utilizes PSIcapture’s barcode recognition technology to separate patient folders. The company also employs PSIcapture’s database lookup integration, which allows the software to automatically index documents based on a patient identifier number

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