By Josh Reese, Konica Minolta: Every company seems to be undergoing a transformation, whether strategically planned or forced by the recent global pandemic. To ensure the creation of new, manual process debt, companies need to operate with an “automation first” mindset and ask, “If we need to develop a new process, can we automate it from the start?” While not the prevailing thought in the industry, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) should be considered for processes that don’t currently exist, solidifying the value of RPA with a measurable ROI.

Add Future Processes to the Automation Pipeline

Corporate decision-makers rarely think to use “digital labor” exclusively for new processes when prioritizing their automation candidates. However, the lack of this mindset leads to the creation of new manual and repetitive processes that will end up being automation candidates in the future. With an “automation first” mindset, companies can avoid the time-consuming process of creating, identifying and automating a manual process that was intended for humans.

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