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Six Different Forecasting Tools You Can Trust

SalesChain provides tremendous forecasting tools which give you comprehensive reports of what reps are pricing in the system. When a salesperson adds a lead, proposal or order to the SalesChain system, the monetary value of that sale is automatically aggregated into the forecast for the month of that record’s expected close date. This gives managers full transparency into the deals that salespeople are working on and gives all users a snapshot of the order pipeline and the company’s financial predictions. SalesChain offers six different forecasting screens that users can choose from.

Powerful Searching Tools

Within SalesChain’s forecasting tools, you can easily search for deal characteristics to help see only the information you need. Find deals that are in the lead, proposal, or order state, search for orders in a certain state of completion like “Signed Docs,” search deals by sales rep or branch, search by date, or perform keyword searches for a company name, proposal name, contact name and more. Make groups right within the forecasting screen to easily save and return to searches at a later time.

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