From mobile testing centers to contract testing to providing selfless patient care, healthcare organizations worldwide have risen to the COVID-19 challenge. Unfortunately, due to the rapid response, bad actors have sought to gather personal healthcare information during this unprecedented time. On top of the challenges presented by COVID-19, healthcare organizations need to protect vital patient information.

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry. Regulations concerning personal privacy still apply during a global pandemic. The crisis has raised the issue of how printed healthcare information is managed.

YSoft SAFEQ integrated with EPIC provides a high-security level to defeat criminals. Using SAFEQ, healthcare workers print documents to their secure print queue rather than directly to a print device. When they need to pick up their records, they swipe their hospital ID badge at the print device, and their document is instantly printed. There is not an opportunity for the document to be stolen.

Y Soft teamed up with Epic to provide healthcare organizations a complete, cost-effective, and secure print services solution. Read more about the solution here – Healthcare | Y Soft Corporation


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