The Typical Office Worker Prints up to 10,000 Documents and Discards Roughly 4 Million Tons of Paper Each Year

Sounds like an overwhelming amount, however, when you think about how many supplies you go through regularly, those numbers seem more realistic. Cut down on wasteful printing by monitoring and curbing these habits:

Let’s print the entire 20-page email!

Some office employees have a habit of printing hard copies when it would be simpler to utilize the digital version of the document. Instead of continuing this practice, with PaperCut you can implement and enforce a print quotas to motivate your team to think carefully before printing.

These quotas can be established and allocated on a daily, weekly or quarterly schedule. Also, print preview is your friend! Preview each document before printing to ensure that you only print what’s necessary and not the 19 email replies that precede the one page you need.

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SOURCE ecoprintQ

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