Hop-Syn Blockout Synthetic Paper is Market’s Most Economical, Environmentally-Friendly Substrate

January 11, 2018 — Lyndhurst, NJ — Hop Industries, manufacturer of the durable Hop-Syn synthetic paper, announces that its TO synthetic paper grade is the market’s most economical and environmentally friendly blockout substrate available today. Hop-Syn TO, an opaque durable synthetic paper, is used by retailers across the U.S. for vivid point-of-purchase displays, banners, window posters, and more. In comparison to PVC and laminated blockout alternatives, Hop-Syn TO costs up to 30% less and is free of toxins, heavy metals and stearates. The Hop-Syn sales team invites interested parties to call 1-800-524-0757 for a comparison chart or for expert advice about printing on the Hop-Syn durable substrate.

“When given the option, retailers and their print partners choose environmentally-friendly substrates like Hop-Syn synthetic paper, especially when the print quality is superior and the price point is better than other durable substrates,” comments Jack Smith, Senior Vice President, Hop Industries.

High Quality Results

Hop-Syn TO is the leading blockout substrate used by big brands and their print partners. Retailers request it for their double sided point-of-purchase displays and in-store promotions. Print partners value its high dyne level and clay composition, which makes it easy to print via offset, screen, latex, LED or UV inkjet. Hop-Syn’s smooth matte finish ensures thorough ink absorption and prevents scuffing, scratching and cracking when exposed to direct sunlight — up to one year outdoors.

Hop-Syn TO is made from a mixture of polypropylene resin and calcium carbonate. The synthetic paper is durable, tear resistant, and can be easily die-cut, sewn and grommeted, without any pretreatment or lamination. Hop-Syn TO comes in a wide range of roll widths and sheet sizes.

For more information, contact Hop at 1-800-524-0757 or visit www.hopsyn.com.

About Hop-Syn
Hop-Syn® is a division of Hop Industries Corp. based in Lyndhurst, NJ. Hop-Syn is a synthetic paper constructed from polypropylene (PP) resins and calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which provide extra durability and weather resistance over traditional pulp-based papers. Customers use Hop-Syn to print high quality graphics via offset litho, uv offset, flexo, screen, uv inkjet or thermal transfer equipment. Each Hop-Syn grade has unique characteristics to match the application, hence the phrase, “The Application Specific Synthetic Papers.” If customers need foldability for a map, there’s a grade for that. If customers need thickness for a P-O-P sign, there’s a grade for that. If customers need translucency for a light box, there’s a grade for that. If customers need extra opacity for a block out window sign, there’s a grade for that. For more information, visit www.hopsyn.com or call 800-524-0757

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