As Technology Advances, Potential Threats to Digital Devices and Information are on the rise says Joe Contreras, Toshiba

As technology advances, potential threats to digital devices and information are on the rise. While most businesses take measures to protect their networks and computers, too many overlook the potential vulnerabilities from everyday use of printers and imaging devices. Unsecured printers and MFPs provide a gateway for hackers to penetrate corporate networks and steal valuable, confidential business information. In 2017 alone, hackers highjacked more than 150,000 office and receipt printers.

Each time your MFP processes a copy, print, fax, or scan job, document data is written to its internal hard drive. If your network or hard drive is hacked or stolen, your sensitive data could be accessed by unauthorized users. With Toshiba Data Overwrite and encryption features, you can rest assured that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

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