Remote Bundles, A New Dashboard and Back on the NIKKEI. Bob Madaio Tells Us What’s Happenin’ at Sharp.

It’s been about a year since their last dealer meeting and I thought it would be a great time to catch up with Sharp VP Bob Madaio.

Sharp has been busy to say the least over the last couple of weeks with the announcement of their Dynabook laptop remote bundles for dealers, the new dashboard and additional modules added to their Synappx platform, a relisting of Sharp on the Nikkei and more.

What more? Training, training, training! Sharp has provided webinars at a lightening pace over the last 9 months for their dealers and in some cases, some open webinars for all dealers.

Watch as Bob fills Andy in on all this and more!

This video is part of an ongoing series of What’s Happenin’ in Person (WHIP) interviews that can be found on and on this YouTube channel (IATV).

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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