You know that “how did I ever live without this” feeling? That’s what you’ll experience with PaperCut™ MF, a powerful print management solution that gives you total control of your companies document imaging.

  • “Find-Me” secure print release protects the privacy of confidential documents while eliminating unclaimed printouts. Find-Me printing lets the user decide which printer or multifunctional device to use by utilizing a proximity card or entering login credentials at any PaperCut™-enabled device.
  • Multifunction support – PaperCut™ MF not only gives you full control of Muratec MFP print functions, it can also manage off the glass copying, document scanning and fax transmissions.
  • Eliminate waste – PaperCut™ MF helps organizations control costs by eliminating the stacks of unclaimed printed pages that sit in MFP output trays, often making their way directly into unsecured trash or recycling bins. Cost-saving policies can enforce individual print limits, require duplex (2-sided) printing, require monochrome printing, and redirect large print jobs to more cost-effective devices.

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